Northstar and Sharp's Construction are now
Northstar Sharp's Foundation Specialists.

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There are exciting changes coming with respect to Valard and Northstar Sharp’s, both Canadian sister companies under the Quanta Services umbrella. We wanted to ensure that you, a valued contact, were the first to know.

I’m happy to announce that, effective May 1st, 2019, Northstar Sharp’s will be amalgamating into Valard Construction and will operate under the Valard banner. This change is being made to realize and maximize the synergistic efficiencies made possible by adding a world-class Foundations Group to the Valard suite of services.

Valard and Northstar have been working together, on history-making projects, for many years. The most recent of those projects is WFMAC, the Fort McMurray West 500-kV Transmission Project which was recently energized. One of the milestones for that project, and a monumental achievement for Northstar Sharp’s, was completing the foundation program over four months early! This is just one example of what Valard and Northstar Sharp’s can accomplish together – the amalgamation will solidify that productive relationship.

The amalgamation will significantly enhance our abilities as “Foundation Specialists”. We have access to more equipment and more manpower than ever before. This means we can tackle the biggest projects in Canada and still maintain our commitment to being on time and on budget. We can mobilize fast and call upon the resources of other groups within Valard to ensure every project expectation is met.

We look forward to our continued relationship, under the Valard name, for many years to come.

We’ll continue to keep you informed about this name, brand and strategy change and welcome your questions or comments at any time.

Tony Evangelista, Foundations Director
Valard Foundations